Developed for patients with Parkinson’s to Autism to everyday aches and pain

Houston Spine & Disc exclusively offers its patients an amazing new technology: Whole body relaxation therapy.

Developed by Magneceutical™ Health, the Magnesphere™ system is a whole body immersion treatment that utilizes very precise, extremely low-level electromagnetic fields (EMF) to enhance feelings of relaxation and minimize pain and discomfort due to Parkinson’s disease to everyday aches and pains. This technology involves no drugs, no surgery, and no pain.

Magnesphere™ penetrates to the cellular level (a level which cannot be reached by human hands) to achieve whole body relaxation, which in turn leads to improvement in many areas of health and wellness including pain, tension, stiffness, sleep, digestion, depression, and energy levels. It’s so safe even patients with pacemakers can benefit from this advanced technology.

Magnesphere™ relaxation sessions are 30 to 60 minutes long. Three to six initial sessions are suggested in the first two weeks. Follow-up schedules vary, depending on a patient’s unique symptoms and response.